11 Jun

How To Find The Best Wallet For Him On Instagram

Wallets are generally considered as the best gift for him on instagram, finding them has never been so easy before. With the increase in the use of social media access to good quality, wallets have now become very easy. A wallet is something that is designed for everyday use and people find many ideas from instagram followers $1 by a credible source. So it is always preferable to buy the kind of wallet that one likes as it has to use every day. Best wallet for him should be functional and easy to carry. It should be something that fulfills the need of a person using it. But now as there are so many different options and varieties available it has now become easy and difficult at the same time to choose the best amongst them all.

  • Few rules to follow when finding the best wallet for him on Instagram ;
  • If your person is a kind of guy who is minimalistic and likes to carry no cash and depends on cards for everything then you should look for a slim card wallet, buying a money carrying wallet won’t be a good idea in this case.
  • If a guy likes to carry cash, photos of loved one, credit cards and receipts than you should buy a bi-fold wallet for him.

Below are described varieties of different types of wallets that you can find for him on Instagram depending on the choice and preference of the user.


Herschell supply, Co is a Canadian based company which is famously known for its best collection of small accessories and bags, the Charlie wallet line is a clear evidence for its ability to come up with amazing designs and functions. The quality of the wallet is the main target, their wallets are made from durable canvas, with the touch of beautiful colors like red and blue this wallet comes out as a perfect choice for everyday use.

Username: @herschelsupply

  1. Spine titanium wallet

For a minimalist carrier this wallet can be an ultimate choice, you must than look for no other but just this wallet. It is created with grade 5 titanium in America, each one of this wallet comes with durable elastic bands outfitted to place up to 10 cards at the same time and it can also be used to carry some cash as well. This wallet is specifically designed to carry cards, the functionality and design is being perfectly matched to fulfill the need and to prolong the use.

Username: @ridgewallet

  1. Ezra Arthur cash fold

This company is specifically known for its production of good quality leather goods. In terms of producing wallets Cash Fold is their best choice. This wallet is made out for full grain horween leather which is made available in different colors. This wallet is metal free and all leather, it keeps your pocket cozy and your phone scratch free if you plan to carry them both in the same pocket. It is covered in oils and waxes to keep it soft and scratch free when you tend to pull it in and out of your pocket several times a day.