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10 Jun

What are the benefits of “likes” on Social Media?


Having more likes on the social media page of yours can be so beneficial for you. Following stated are some reasons that will let you know why likes are important on Social Media

Visible in Newsfeeds

Posts or pictures having no or fewer likes have fewer chances of being available on Newsfeed part of social media. Pages with high likes and following are more likely to be seen in the newsfeed and thus it can attract more audience as compared to the pages or posts with fewer likes. Hence it can be said that the higher the number of the audience engaged with the post, the more the post will be visible to other people in their newsfeed it. This is why people pay for boosting their pages and posts to get a number of likes so that they could attract a large amount of audience.

More Public Engagements

People who like page, posts and add comments are kind of extroverts. They are social and they prove to be good followers. Such people who are referred as likers have more friends as compared to other random social media users. People who will like your page and follow it will most of the times recommend it to their friends or these activities will themselves be shown in the newsfeed of their friends. So in this way likes matter a lot in getting more people involved with your social media accounts. To get more engagements, buy real Instagram followers.

Pages or posts liked by friends also matters

Facebook has a default setting that lets you access those things in newsfeeds which matches your interests. Pages that you once liked but now you are not actively commenting or liking the posts of those pages will still be shown to your newsfeeds if more than five of your friends are the active followers of that page. So not only your choice matters but also the choice of your friends regarding the pages you all have liked also matters especially when it is about likes and comments. Other than this, the newsfeed part of Facebook also shows the activity of likes of your friends to you. It helps you like the pages that your friends have liked and Instagram followers

Social Proofs

People usually are attracted towards the pages that have more fans as compared to those which have less. There is a simple example that if you have to decide among two restaurants for having dinner you will always go for the one which has more popularity rather than the one that is being known by some of the people. If people visit your pages and they don’t see much people engagement or likes, there are high chances that they won’t like or follow your page. People attracted to the pages that they find worth interacting by seeing the engagement of other people to that page.


High traffic on your facebook page is the result of the high number of likes. The posts that you will like will automatically be shown in the newsfeed part of Facebook, not only in your profile but also in your friends. Now that every blog, post, and picture have the like option and everyone is free to like whatever they want. This has helped people in getting more traffic to their Facebook pages as compared to any other thing.