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6 Feb

What Up With 2019 Start | CBS New Statement & Roger Stone’s Confession in Lawsuit

CBS Says Les Moonves Will Not Receive $120 Million Severance

The CBS Corporation had been battered by a scandal and now it is facing a leadership vaccum. Leslie Moonves, the former chief executive of the company has misled the company by a lot of allegations regarding sexual misconduct and they are trying to hide the proofs and evidences which he has made in a frenzied attempt so that he could save his legacy and would reap a lucrative severance. In a result to this the company said that Mr.Moonves isn’t going to receive his $120 millions as an exit payout. The CBS board had given a statement in which they said that they have determined that there would be grounds to be the cause for termination which would include his material misfeasance and willful. The violation of the policies and the breach of the employment contacts also with his willful failure to have full cooperation with the investigation of the company.

The board has had a meeting for over some days in last week where it had its final decision on Monday afternoon after it has reviewed the information which was gathered by the lawyers who have been hired by the company for investigation of the claims which have been made against Mr. Moovnes who was forced out in September as well as for the broader workplace culture for the network. Mr. Moonves has been found to be engaged in a lot of serious nonconsensual sexual misconducts of really severe nature outside and inside of the workplace that happened both before and after he came in CBS in the year 1995. There is also a report of investigators according to a late November draft. A lot of ample evidences had been gathered by the lawyers who showed that Mr. Moonves had been the violator of the CBS policies which includes deletion of texts which revealed his attempts to silence an accuser and lying to investigators. Mr. Moonves has also denied from all the allegations and said that all the sexual acts which he had been engaged in were consensual in nature.  The investigators had a talk with Mr. Moonves many times and they have found him to be untruthful and evasive all the times in their conversation and they thought him to be deliberately lied about and also lessened the extent of the sexual misconduct which Mr. Moonves has done.

Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone admits to spreading lies online in lawsuit settlement

Stone had made an accusation on a Chinese businessman that he has been making illegal donations to Hillary Clinton among all other things. The former presidential adviser and the longtime republican operative Roger Stone had admitted the papers in the federal court which were filed on Monday containing statements that he had spread false news online.  The settlement which has done was actually at first reported by the wall street journal in which Stone has retracted the available information and he had apologized to Guo Wengui and that was an outspoken critic of the Chinese government who is also known as Miles Kwok. A defamation lawsuit was also filed by Guo in May which said that Stone had used the conspiracy theory of far-right site infowars which has accused Guo to make illegal political donations for Hillary Clinton and for financing a presidential run by former Trump strategist Steve Bannon.  He in his accusation against the Chinese businessman clearly said that he has been making some illegal donations to Hillary Clinton and other than this, there are some other allegations too which showed that he had been involved in illegal sexual attempts while he claims these allegations to be wrong and based on unreal situations. He said that those sexual attempts were not illegal and he denied all the allegations. But during the investigation, the accusations were found to be true.

According to the suit, Guo had also been convicted of some financial crimes in US. The suit said that that was not true and the suit sought total amount of $100 million in damages. A settlement was done on Monday in which a statement was given by Stone in which he said that he had been failed to do his own research and has been improperly relied on the campaign advisor of Trump, Sam Nunberg. The statement also said that Nunberg has alleged the source was Bruno Wu who was described as a Chinese-american media tycoon by the journal whom Guo has accused of being a government spy by Chinese. Stone in his statement said that identification of his errors as he had reached out to Mr. Guo and had asked him for the settlement of his defamation against the suit to him. He further added that Mr. Guo had graciously agreed for the acceptance of his apologies and regrets.

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